New SIGNALS Executive

Hello everyone, we would like to take a moment and introduce the SIGNALS Executive committee for the upcoming 2015/2016 year!  There are several returning members this year and we’re glad to have some new ones: Chahal Amandeep, Zak Jacques, Stephen Malesevich, Marc Quintaneiro, Elizabeth Carmichael, and Monika Szpytko; welcome to the team!  Below are the members of the committee:

President – Christopher Ling
Banquet Coordinator – Sean Baker Nauth & Laura Jamieson
Treasurer – Dave Cherniak
Communications – Matt Brady, Stephen Malesevich, Monika Szpytko
Faculty Advisors – Stephan Schott, Alex Mallett
Rachel Watterson
Kevin Force
Chahal Amandeep
Kyle Gasper
Zak Jacques
Marc Quintaneiro
Elizabeth Carmichael

We would also like to thank outgoing members for their contributions, especially the outgoing president John Stwora for all the hard work and dedication.
We certainly appreciate the work you have done!

Christopher Ling


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