About Gord

With just under two weeks to go until theĀ 13th Annual SIGNALS Banquet (buy tickets here!), SIGNALS invites you to learn more about our exciting keynote speaker: Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.

Gord has been the ECO since 2000. When he was appointed, the Premier of the province was still Mike Harris. Gord has, therefore, served as ECO throughout the Ernie Eves and Dalton McGuinty regimes, from the restructuring of Ontario’s electricity sector, to the passing of the Green Energy Act and the completion of the coal phase out.

Before he was appointed as ECO, Gord for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for 14 years as a scientist, manager of training and development, and as a district manager. He received an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Guelph in 1976 and a Master of Science degree in Plant ecology in 1978.

As ECO, Gord has released numerous reports detailing the progress (or lack thereof) of the Ontario government’s actions on environmental issues. Two of his most recent reports include Smart from Sunrise to Sunset, which provided a primer on Ontario’s evolving electricity grid, and Looking for Leadership, a scathing report on Ontario’s recent progress towards its climate change goals.

Want to see Gord in action? Check out this youtube video of him discussing Canada’s energy strategy.

SIGNALS hopes you can join us and Gord Miller at the Banquet on Friday the 23rd!

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