SIGNALS is a group of ‘Students, Interested parties, and Graduates Networking And Liaising around Sustainability.’ The network stems from the Innovation, Science, and Environment stream of Public Administration Program and the Sustainable Energy (SE) Program, both of Carleton’s School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA). SIGNALS brings together students, alumni, and professors who are concerned about sustainable development issues.

The goal of SIGNALS is to create networking and information-sharing opportunities for members, and to facilitate initiatives aimed at furthering sustainable development. SIGNALS networking can provide excellent opportunities for students to make employment contacts, and for graduates to meet other like-minded professionals.

SIGNALS was initially founded in 2003, with the intent of creating a ‘clear signal’ where there was previously disjointed, uncoordinated communication. Since then, it has expanded to include over 100 members. Over the years, SIGNALS activities have included annual banquets, pub night-style social events, field trips, and formal panel discussions. An email list, limited to SIGNALS members, provides a forum for discussion, as well as a way to circulate notice of upcoming events, sustainable development-related news and debates, and employment opportunities.

SIGNALS is governed by an eleven-member Executive Board, whose student and alumni members are elected annually.

SIGNALS 2014-2015 Executive:

President- John Stwora
Treasurer- Dave Cherniak
Banquet Coordinator- Sean Baker Nauth
Communications- Matt Brady
Faculty Advisors- Stephan Schott & Alex Mallett
Rachel Watterson
Pete Massie
Chris Ling
Kevin Force
Laura Jamieson