Our Code of Conduct

SIGNALS aims to host events in an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. All parties who engage in SIGNALS or participate in events hosted or promoted by SIGNALS, must adhere to our guiding Code of Conduct and Ethics. These guidelines support our events and business interactions:

  1. Any member or affiliate of SIGNALS will observe the highest principles of honesty, courtesy and fair practice towards others.
  2. Conducting non-relevant or non-condoned business is not welcomed at SIGNALS’ events.
  3. The use of SIGNALS’ name or brand with any third party or event without the explicit consent of the current SIGNALS President or a designated representative of SIGNALS is prohibited.
  4. SIGNALS will seek to maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of any member who raises an issue and requests that it remain anonymous.
  5. SIGNALS’ network members and event attendees agree to provide an environment free of harassment or abuse of any kind within or outside of any event.
  6. SIGNALS’ executive members will seek to make decisions about the network collaboratively within the executive and volunteer network unless doing so explicitly violates a previous guideline.

SIGNALS maintains the discretion and ability to suspend the membership of any individual member if any of these guidelines is found to be in violation or if any formal complaint is lodged.

If you wish to report any issue or provide confidential feedback for SIGNALS executive board, please complete our anonymous feedback survey.