Banquet History

The history of SIGNALS Banquets is a rich one. SIGNALS was proud to host its thirteenth annual winter banquet on January 23rd, 2015. Over the years a great many professionals, academics and civil servants have come together in the spirit of furthering discussions on a variety of sustainable development issues. While the locations and SIGNALS student-run executive have changed with time, the same spirit that enthused the first Banquet persists.

2015 was the fifth year that the SIGNALS Banquet took place at the LAGO’s beautiful waterside Banquet Hall. Gracious sponsors, including The Chemical Industry Association of Canada and consulting firm Stratos, continue to enable us to enjoy this fantastic location.


The LAGO, Dow’s Lake

The night was equal part good drinks, great food, and fantastic conversation. Speaker Gord Miller, fifteen year Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, provided a scintillating discussion on the merits of Smart Grids and the importance of an informed approach to energy systems management. The night was capped off with an annual scholarship provided by Resource Futures International to outstanding students in the fields of sustainability and energy.


Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Over the prior twelve years SIGNALS has been honoured by an equal number of notable speakers.

2014: Last year SIGNALS was proud to haveAboriginal Power Chris Henderson lecture on The Place of First Peoples in the Sustainable Development of Canada’s Natural Resources. Chris, President of Lumos Energy and co-founder of the Delphi Group, is also the author of his special empowering publication, Aboriginal Power.

In 2013 guests had the opportunity to hear from David McLaughlin, former President and CEO of the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy.

During the winter of 2012 SIGNALS welcomed Stuart Hickox, founder and CEO of One Change. Stuart spoke to guests on the use of community-based social marketing and the impact of collective action on sustainability challenges.

In 2011, the Federal Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Scott Vaughan, spoke frankly to SIGNALS Banquet attendees on the subject, Building from Strength: Work of Canada’s Environment Commissioner.

QuirksQuarksFor 2010, Bob McDonald, the host of CBC’s science-based and award winning Quirks & Quarks, entertained guests with his wealth of journalistic expertise. 

In 2009, Professor Robert Paehlke, author of the climate change-inspired book ‘Some Like it Cold’, spoke to guests on issues of climate resiliency and adaptation.

In 2008, SIGNALS hosted Jonathan Westeinde, Ottawa’s leading builder of innovative, green condominium developments. Jonathan addressed the topic, Green Communities for a Sustainable Future- The Developer, the Government and You!

2007: Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Ontario’s current Lieutenant Governor, has also held equally important positions as the President and CEO of Council of Canadian Academics, President of the United Nations Environment Programme, President and CEO of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, and speaker at the 2007 SIGNALS Banquet.

The student-led SIGNALS executive will continue to extend an open invitation to future Banquets with the hope of adding to this important legacy. Please stay tuned for updates on the 14th annual SIGNALS Banquet in 2016.